Online Support Pack for Artists.


JustBrit Music endeavour to support artists, especially those that are new and/emerging into the industry. One of the methods we use to do this is providing useful information and guides.


Approaching Key Players includes info on;

  • Maximising social media; why and how

  • Difference between labels and publishing

  • Overview of key player groups and methods of contact 

  • Supporting Tasks, Templates, useful Contacts and Links

  • Optional - 1 track review/feedback


Note. if additional support material such as  the templates, tasks/activities and contacts are not needed, you can purchase version 1.1 instead which is an infomation only pack.


Approaching Key Players 1.1

  • All Online Support Packs will be issued via a link to access the chosen file from our Google Suite.

  • All Online Support Packs are non-refundale.

    Please carefully read the descriptions prior to purchase to ensure you are satisfied with your selection. Should you require further details in order to help you with your decision, please contact Customer Services where a representative will do their best to assist you with your queries.


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