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With experience providing PR services for a range of musical talents, we believe the work we do speaks for itself. It tells the story of who we are, the approach we take, and the clients we’re proud to have worked with. In the style of showing and not telling, go ahead and see for yourself. Browse through our many samplings below to see how our unparalleled services can give your music the jumpstart it needs.

Big Concert

JustBeats Challenge Project

Music Platform to Shine

Justbrit created a platform to give up-and-coming artists the opportunity to showcase their unique sound and style through a fun new approach. The first season of this project was a great success, one that we’re extremely proud of, and which our artists have enjoyed in the process.

We take 3 artists and give them all the same beat to write to (or freestyle) and then publish it to the world for Fans and supporters to vote on who their favourite was. We do this to encourage artists to focus giving their best when it concerns Content, Flow and Delivery.

3 Artists, 1 Beat, YOU Vote!

(NLT) Nights Like These...

JustBrit Live Performance Events

The introduction of our new Live R&B events allowed us to create an amazing night of Live Performers and Chilled vibes for true music lovers.

NLT... gave us the opportunity to continue showcasing talented artists and give them another platform/audience to engage with. Many of the artists we have are performing for the very first time, so it is important for us to help them take that first step.

What is amazing and so powerful about our events is that it not only attracts r&b lovers but also industry guest such as Artists Managers, A&Rs, Event Organisers, Influencers and other Artists, so it is a great place to network and get acquainted.

Results speak for themselves...

From our very first event, 2 out of the 6 artists (one of which performed for the first time that night) was spotted and landed a booking for another event the following month.


Our Approach

We work together with artists to help them on their journey by understanding where they currently are in their career and what they want to achieve in order for us to provide personalised products and services that are best suited to their needs at affordable prices.

We’ll help you get where you want to be, and push you to soar even further. Artists work with us as we make the process easy and enjoyable, we do much of the behind the scene activity which allow artists to focus on their craft and creativity.

Learn more about our services below.

Music Platform

Showcase Your Talent

We know as new artists it can be difficult to get your music out there and be heard by wider audiences, so we give you the opportunity to share your talent through live and/or recorded performance allowing you to keep engaging with your current supporters and attract new ones.
Having worked with many artists that are performing live for the first time or it being their first video content to be released, we understand the lack of support that is sometimes available.

Creative Content & Marketing

Results You’ll Love

Our premium creative services enable you and your brand to shine so you can engage with your audience and prospective fanbase. We begin by working with you to define your goals and requirements, then map out a clear plan as to how we creatively present content to achieve it. This is what we're here for: creating more success for you and your brand by supporting you on your journey.

Click below if you would like for us to create individual social media promo images, flyers or other brand visuals.

We even offer a 7 day posting schedule service. For more info check out our 'Services' page for this.

We can do it so you don't have to.

PM Icon.jpg

Project Management

Let Us Handle Everything

If you’re looking for help with upcoming projects, we’ve got you covered. With this service, we will help you with all your needs to turn your vision into a reality. Our professional services will maximise your results and deliver positive exposure to your audiences near and far whilst maintaining your brand integrity.

We plan and manage projects from video shoots to live performance events.

We get it done!

Learning & Development 

Invest In You!

We understand there are various stages to the journey of an artists and that sometimes a little extra information, guidance and structure may be needed to keep you headed in the right direction. We help you with some of the key things you need in order to get you on your way, because we know sometimes you may be thinking it, but just cant quite figure out how to put it into action and make things happen.
Our digital products will give you the basic information you need as well as the option to also let us help you get on your way with additional support tools such as useful links, templates and activities.If you're serious about progressing, investing in yourself is key. Purchase one of our products and get started today!


Artists Resume

See who we've had the pleasure of working with.


Paisleigh B

All the way from Liverpool, the talented Paisleigh B participated in the first round of Season Ones JustBeats Challenge and won by public vote. With one of the most amazing spirits, she was a pleasure to work with. 

Check out her EP 'The Sextape Vol.2' or catch her performing live all over the country.


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